Tracy McQuaidCreator

Certified Pilates Instructor and Licensed GYROTONIC® Trainer

Tracy's enthusiasm for body movement began early on in her life after attending her first dance class. Her passion continues to evolve as she consistently seeks out innovative approaches to movement.  She has over 15 years of formal dance training and has been a practitioner of Pilates and Yoga for over a decade.  Her expression of movement draws on her variety of trainings and her teaching approach integrates various forms of movement while encouraging clients to tap into their individual power and strength.

Her passion and appreciation for all genres of movement have led to the creation of Fluid Kinetics. Through graceful movement her desire is to share and inspire others to create balance and control in their bodies and daily lives.  She has completed a comprehensive 600-hour certification in The Pilates Method and holds a Group Exercise Instructor certification through AFAA.  Most recently she trained in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®  and is excited to bring this modality to Nassau County.  Tracy is grateful to the diversity of teachers and mentors she has crossed paths with over the years that continue to influence her and her teaching.  Tracy resides in Fernandina Beach with her husband Pete and their furry kids; Jake, Nanci and Kendall.



 Rosalind Cowie -Certified Pilates Instructor & Senior Exercise Specialist



Rosalind came to Pilates with a background in ballet, sport, and group fitness.  To her, the beauty and genius of the Pilates Method is its adaptability to everyone from seniors recovering from hip replacement to elite athletes building stamina. The benefits of increased strength, flexibility, more secure balance, improved alignment and posture, and, above all, a greater sense well-being, are for everyone.

Roz is certified through Peak Pilates, a classical school, and has completed Polestar’s Comprehensive Training, a school placing more emphasis on rehabilitation.  She has been practicing and teaching for nearly twenty years.  She continues to discover new aspects of movement, both for herself, and, as she teaches Pilates, its principles and practices, for her diverse clients.